👶🏽 Born . Harris County Houston, TX 1985

👦🏽 Childhood . Gadsden & Leon County, FL

🎒High School . Florida State University High School

👨🏽‍🎓CollegesTCC + FSU + Keiser . See Course Work

🌎  👁 Worldview .  Dignity Above Everything!

 🇩🇪 🤚🏻 🇨🇫 🤚🏿 EthnicityAfrican American + European American

👓 🌼 Handicaps-1.25 sphere vision  + Pollen Allergy

📱TechiPhone + Samsung Tablet + MacBook Pro + Dell Laptop + Pixel

💛 Currently ResideSan Francisco, CA
Breaking . Boogie . All-Styles Dance + Acoustic Guitar & Song Writing + Parkour (Free Running) + Hardware Projects + Organic Farming & Earth-friendly lifestyle + Yoga + Startup Culture
🖊 ⌨  🎨  💡 
Welcome . . .

Having worked with different companies in Florida & California, I continue to explore my creative and technical capabilities; I enjoy being involved with a team producing successful products-services. I also enjoy from week-to-week Breaking-Boogie-All~Styles dance, Writing, Painting Murals, Teaching, Fixing things, Exploring the world via Bicycle, and Collaborating with others.

I consider myself part of the gig economy with a focus on Retail Merchandizing, Product-Service Design, Coaching-Learning Experiences, Business Operations, and now Content Creation, and App Development. I currently reside in San Francisco where all of these disciplines are in high-demand. In addition to this work I’m looking to extend more diverse Learning-Activity options to After-School Students and anyone with Free-Time desiring more in-person options in-around San Francisco on a weekly basis.

Finally, the best way to contact me is using the Contact form here; If it’s urgent you can Ping me instantly here 

---- Enjoy the day !!
. Design & Tech Resume .
[ 2007 - Present ]

Contractor 💼
Company Name  Agency Contractor 
Dates Employed  Aug 2017 – Present
Employment Duration  1 yr 9 mos
Location  Tallahassee, FL - Remote
As a Contractor I provide clients with various web, print, and media services via front-end development and graphic design. This has included but not been limited to..
-- Branding Collateral (everything that supports the brand): Specializing in solutions for any surface that you want to express your brand on, including Interior/Exterior wall murals, Signage, Event/Stage Banners, Flyers, Posters, Business cards, Letterheads, Sidewalk Art, Hanging Panels, Stickers, T-shirts, and Any other surface imaginable.
 -- For the web I design/develop: Websites, Chat-Voice Bots, Ads, Banners, Animations, Email signature, Vectorized photos/products, Logos, etc.
- Jeffersonian Group
- C.Y.P.H.E.R.
- Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts
- Grasslands Brewery
- Catalina Cafe
- Creators Camp
- Realty School 101
- BulletProof Trainers
- Max Combat Fitness

- AppToHealth
Associated with |or| Worked with..
- Wynwood Embassy
- Mason's School of Music, Art, and Dance
- KCCI Tallahassee
- Domi Station Tallahassee
- Pyramid Inc Tallahassee
- COCA Tallahassee
- HackFSU
- Railroad Square Tallahassee
- Champïone by Mileva
- Soup Experimental
- Street Art Tallahassee
- Crystal Portal Tallahassee

+ 2019 - 2020 +
- Develop Mural Consulting
- Design many witty illustrations to express the brand for years down the road
- Develop Back-end programming experience by completing projects
- Design and Paint Murals on new types of surfaces that have never been painted/printed-on before
- Partner with those who can expand 422.agency services
Graphic - Visual Artisan 🎨
Company Name  Contractor Self-Employed
Dates Employed  Aug 2012 – Present 
Employment Duration  6 yrs 9 mos
Location  Tallahassee, Florida Area
MEDIUMS I work with..
- Charcoal
- Pastel
- Watercolor
- Aerosol Spray-can
- Acrylic
- Ink
- Marker
- Color Pencil
- Graphite

Having created studio art and curated a couple shows myself I'm looking to find myself as an artist, which has been a slow process that is always closing in on me. I enjoy drawing still-life and mixing in urban style graffiti lettering that's very colorful and dashed with neat 3D, shadow, and fill effects/designs. The closer I get to finding what type of art is really mine to create the more I realize that it will be art that people will understand simply and cherish for a lifetime, it is very custom and crafted for a specific viewer. For this reason I've been leaning towards a sort of custom shop idea where my creative style (urban word art) meets what a person prizes in life (still-life) and this medley becomes very worth sticking on the wall to view often. 
+ 2019 - 2020 +
- Create a Brand & Establish a direction for your art
- Complete story-art pieces for more than a dozen friends
- Attend Art Shows and network with artists by conversing about my approach to art vs. theirs
- Stock up on art supplies
- Try new types of mixed-media experiments
- Develop story-based art idea by focus testing it
- Plan theme, artists, and date for a 2019 show
Undergraduate Research Assistant ⚙️
Company Name  Florida State University
  Dates Employed  Sep 2011 – Jan 2012
Employment Duration  5 mos
Location  Tallahassee, Florida Area
Under I.Eziyi on FSU's main campus.. 
-- Research focus- Salt water desalinization.
-- Transferable skills gained - Creativity, Critical Thinking, Research Development,Teamwork, and Technical/Scientific skills.
-- Skills gained- Membrane desalinization installation and maintenance.

Assistant Pricing Manager - General Merchandise Manager 🏬 
Company Name  Winn Dixie - BI-LO
Dates Employed  Jan 2010 – Jan 2011
Employment Duration  1 yr 1 mo
Location  Tallahassee, Florida Area
Under J. Williamson & C. Waters I was responsible for..
Ordering freight, receiving freight, and organizing freight on shelves. Managed one employee in my department. In pricing- kept all signage in store up to date and correct. Transferable skills gained - Communication, Critical Thinking, Leadership, Social Responsibility, and Teamwork. Skills gained- Retail ordering, merchandising, customer service, and safety training. (Reason for leaving- Conflicted with college)

Champions Fitness Coach 🏃
Company Name  Capital Health Plan & Titus Sports Academy
Dates Employed  Jan 2008 – Aug 2008
Employment Duration  8 mos
Location  Tallahassee, Florida Area
Under A. Faurot I trained students at Crawfordville Middle School in grades K through 6th..
Guided students through basic fitness training. Transferrable skills gained - Social Responsibility, Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, and Creativity. Skills gained- Fitness training and teaching. (Reason to leave- Program ended)
Math Facilitator #️⃣
Dates Employed Jan 2007 – Apr 2007
Employment Duration 4 mos
Location Tallahassee Community College
Under C. Walker I held facilitation sessions for students taking trigonometry and pre-calculus..
Helped students learn material more clearly. Transferable skills gained - Communication, Leadership, and Teamwork.
Management Experience 👨🏽‍✈️
Managing two or more operations project assistants with Studio D
Managing two creative staff with App Innovators
Managing a team of mentors at HackFSU events
Managing two staff in Retail Operations for BI-LO
Managing one or two teaching assistants with Creators.camp, Pyramid Inc, and Mason's School of Music, Arts, and Dance
Managing two artists as part of Interior Branding project with Renegade Boxing Gym

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