👶🏽 Born . Harris County Houston, TX 1985

👦🏽 Childhood . Gadsden & Leon County, FL

🎒High School . Florida State University High School

👨🏽‍🎓CollegesTCC + FSU + Keiser . See Course Work

🌎  👁 Worldview .  Dignity Above Everything!

 🇩🇪 🤚🏻 🇨🇫 🤚🏿 EthnicityAfrican American + European American

👓 🌼 Handicaps-1.25 sphere vision  + Pollen Allergy

📱TechiPhone + Samsung Tablet + MacBook Pro + Dell Laptop + Pixel

💛 Currently ResideSan Francisco, CA
Breaking . Boogie . All-Styles Dance + Acoustic Guitar & Song Writing + Parkour (Free Running) + Hardware Projects + Organic Farming & Earth-friendly lifestyle + Yoga + Startup Culture
🖊 ⌨  🎨  💡 
Welcome . . .

Having worked with different companies in Florida & California, I continue to explore my creative and technical capabilities; I enjoy being involved with a team producing successful products-services. I also enjoy from week-to-week Breaking-Boogie-All~Styles dance, Writing, Painting Murals, Teaching, Fixing things, Exploring the world via Bicycle, and Collaborating with others.

I consider myself part of the gig economy with a focus on Retail Merchandizing, Product-Service Design, Coaching-Learning Experiences, Business Operations, and soon Content Creation, and App Development. I currently reside in San Francisco where all of these disciplines are in high-demand. In addition to this work I’m looking to extend more diverse Learning-Activity options to After-School Students and anyone with Free-Time desiring more in-person options in-around San Francisco on a weekly basis.

Finally, the best way to contact me is using the Contact form here; If it’s urgent you can Ping me instantly here 

---- Enjoy your day !!
. Tech Resume .
[ 2007 - Present ]

Unicorn 🦄
Company Name  422 Agency, LLC
Dates Employed  Aug 2017 – Present
Employment Duration  1 yr 9 mos
Location  Tallahassee, FL - Remote
Under 422 Agency I provide clients with various web, print, and media services via front-end development and graphic design. This has included but not been limited to..
-- Branding Collateral (everything that supports the brand): Specializing in solutions for any surface that you want to express your brand on, including Interior/Exterior wall murals, Signage, Event/Stage Banners, Flyers, Posters, Business cards, Letterheads, Sidewalk Art, Hanging Panels, Stickers, T-shirts, and Any other surface imaginable.
 -- For the web I design/develop: Websites, Chat-Voice Bots, Ads, Banners, Animations, Email signature, Vectorized photos/products, Logos, etc.
- The Vinyl Kicks
- Jeffersonian Group
- Renegade Boxing
- Dynasty Music Entertainment
- C.Y.P.H.E.R.
- Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts
- Grasslands Brewery
- Catalina Cafe
- Creators Camp
- Realty School 101

Associated with |or| Worked with..
- Wynwood Embassy
- Mason's School of Music, Art, and Dance
- KCCI Tallahassee
- Domi Station Tallahassee
- Pyramid Inc Tallahassee
- COCA Tallahassee
- HackFSU
- Railroad Square Tallahassee
- Champïone by Mileva
- Soup Experimental
- Street Art Tallahassee
- Crystal Portal Tallahassee

+ 2018 - 2019 +
- Develop Mural Consulting
- Design illustrations for 422 Agency Gear
- Design many witty illustrations to express the brand for years down the road
- Develop Back-end programming experience by completing projects
- Design and Paint Murals on new types of surfaces that have never been painted/printed-on before
- Partner with those who can expand 422 Agencies services
Graphic - Visual Artisan 🎨
Company Name  Contractor Self-Employed
Dates Employed  Aug 2012 – Present 
Employment Duration  6 yrs 9 mos
Location  Tallahassee, Florida Area
MEDIUMS I work with..
- Charcoal
- Pastel
- Watercolor
- Aerosol Spray-can
- Acrylic
- Ink
- Marker
- Color Pencil
- Graphite
Having created studio art and curated a couple shows myself I'm looking to find myself as an artist, which has been a slow process that is always closing in on me. I enjoy drawing still-life and mixing in urban style graffiti lettering that's very colorful and dashed with neat 3D, shadow, and fill effects/designs. The closer I get to finding what type of art is really mine to create the more I realize that it will be art that people will understand simply and cherish for a lifetime, it is very custom and crafted for a specific viewer. For this reason I've been leaning towards a sort of custom shop idea where my creative style (urban word art) meets what a person prizes in life (still-life) and this medley becomes very worth sticking on the wall to view often. 
+ 2018 - 2019 +
- Create a Brand & Establish a direction for your art
- Complete story-art pieces for more than a dozen friends
- Attend Art Shows and network with artists by conversing about my approach to art vs. theirs
- Stock up on art supplies
- Try new types of mixed-media experiments
- Develop story-based art idea by focus testing it
- Plan theme, artists, and date for a 2019 show
Undergraduate Research Assistant ⚙️
Company Name  Florida State University
  Dates Employed  Sep 2011 – Jan 2012
Employment Duration  5 mos
Location  Tallahassee, Florida Area
Under I.Eziyi on FSU's main campus.. 
-- Research focus- Salt water desalinization.
-- Transferable skills gained - Creativity, Critical Thinking, Research Development,Teamwork, and Technical/Scientific skills.
-- Skills gained- Membrane desalinization installation and maintenance.
Assistant Pricing Manager - General Merchandise Manager 🏬 
Company Name  Winn Dixie - BI-LO
Dates Employed  Jan 2010 – Jan 2011
Employment Duration  1 yr 1 mo
Location  Tallahassee, Florida Area
Under J. Williamson & C. Waters I was responsible for..
Ordering freight, receiving freight, and organizing freight on shelves. Managed one employee in my department. In pricing- kept all signage in store up to date and correct. Transferable skills gained - Communication, Critical Thinking, Leadership, Social Responsibility, and Teamwork. Skills gained- Retail ordering, merchandising, customer service, and safety training. (Reason for leaving- Conflicted with college)


Champions Fitness Coach 🏃
Company Name  Capital Health Plan & Titus Sports Academy
Dates Employed  Jan 2008 – Aug 2008
Employment Duration  8 mos
Location  Tallahassee, Florida Area
Under A. Faurot I trained students at Crawfordville Middle School in grades K through 6th..
Guided students through basic fitness training. Transferrable skills gained - Social Responsibility, Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, and Creativity. Skills gained- Fitness training and teaching. (Reason to leave- Program ended)
Math Facilitator #️⃣
Dates Employed Jan 2007 – Apr 2007
Employment Duration 4 mos
Location Tallahassee Community College
Under C. Walker I held facilitation sessions for students taking trigonometry and pre-calculus..
Helped students learn material more clearly. Transferable skills gained - Communication, Leadership, and Teamwork.
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