👶🏽 Born . Harris County Houston, TX 1985

👦🏽 Childhood . Gadsden & Leon County, FL

🎒High School . Florida State University High School

👨🏽‍🎓CollegesTCC + FSU + Keiser . See Course Work

🌎  👁 Worldview .  Dignity Above Everything!

 🇩🇪 🤚🏻 🇨🇫 🤚🏿 EthnicityAfrican American + European American

👓 🌼 Handicaps-1.25 sphere vision  + Pollen Allergy

📱TechiPhone + Samsung Tablet + MacBook Pro + Dell Laptop + Pixel

💛 Currently ResideSan Francisco, CA
Breaking . Boogie . All-Styles Dance + Acoustic Guitar & Song Writing + Parkour (Free Running) + Hardware Projects + Organic Farming & Earth-friendly lifestyle + Yoga + Startup Culture
🖊 ⌨  🎨  💡 
Welcome . . .

Having worked with different companies in Florida & California, I continue to explore my creative and technical capabilities; I enjoy being involved with a team producing successful products-services. I also enjoy from week-to-week Breaking-Boogie-All~Styles dance, Writing, Painting Murals, Teaching, Fixing things, Exploring the world via Bicycle, and Collaborating with others.

I consider myself part of the gig economy with a focus on Retail Merchandizing, Product-Service Design, Coaching-Learning Experiences, Business Operations, and soon Content Creation, and App Development. I currently reside in San Francisco where all of these disciplines are in high-demand. In addition to this work I’m looking to extend more diverse Learning-Activity options to After-School Students and anyone with Free-Time desiring more in-person options in-around San Francisco on a weekly basis.

Finally, the best way to contact me is using the Contact form here; If it’s urgent you can Ping me instantly here or you can leave me an anonymous message here that will self-destruct after I read it.

---- Enjoy your day !!
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